Seamless and Smooth Integration Across All Platforms Seamless and Smooth Integration Across All Platforms

GEP CLICK: The Cloud-Integration Platform That You Deserve

Accelerate your enterprise’s digital business transformation journey with GEP CLICK™, the cloud-integration platform that enables easy and efficient integration and exchange across multiple systems and platforms. Harness the full power of your technology for improved enterprise-wide visibility, glean valuable insights, and drive business growth.

Easy Integration Is a Click Away

As modern business technology continues to consistently grow at an exponential pace, enterprises in the supply chain, logistics, and procurement space need to stay ahead of the curve. Integrating next-generation technology is no longer an option, but a necessity to gain any kind of competitive advantage.

Yet, integration is often a complex and time-intensive task that requires the extensive involvement and cooperation of an enterprise’s IT organization. Furthermore, there is rarely an integration process that doesn’t end up involving ad hoc costs associated with upscaling technology infrastructure and resources.

From the global leader in digital procurement and supply chain transformation, GEP CLICK is an efficient, extensible and easy-to-use cloud integration platform that allows enterprises to integrate multiple platforms across heterogenous and complex landscapes.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with GEP CLICK

Self-Service User Experience

Designed to be a self-service platform that makes the integration experience easy to understand and easier to use, GEP CLICK allows you to configure your own integration with intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

Incremental Deployment

Integrate at your own pace with GEP CLICK’s microservice architecture that allows you to deploy micro-applications one component at a time, saving the time and hassle of a complicated deployment.

Artificial Intelligence

Native to GEP CLICK is the power of our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, GEP MINERVA™. Leverage predictive insights that learn about your IT infrastructure to improve efficiency.

Built for the Cloud

GEP CLICK is native to the cloud and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most secure, powerful, and flexible platform around, and comes with Microsoft One Cloud security and compliance. Integrate across any system anywhere in the world, no on-site installation necessary.

Low Code Solution

GEP CLICK is designed for citizen developers and can be integrated without the need for a specialized IT team. This empowers your enterprise through increased productivity, better planning capabilities and an accelerated implementation cycle.

Unified Integration

GEP CLICK is a single cloud-based integration platform that enables you to integrate across heterogeneous landscapes using hybrid integrations, such as integrating one platform using customer exposed APIs and another with GEP’s pre-packaged integration.

Discover the GEP CLICK Difference

  • Build Your Own Integration
  • Easy to Understand and Use
  • Deliver Time and Cost Savings
  • Design Your Own Digital Experience
  • Powered by Intelligence
  • A Unified Landscape
Build Your Own Integration

Build Your Own Integration

GEP CLICK offers multiple deployment options featuring pre-packaged integration content, APIs and extensibility. Integrate across heterogeneous landscapes using hybrid integrations, such as integrating one platform using customer exposed APIs and another with GEP’s pre-packaged integration, all in one place.

Easy to Understand and Use

Easy to Understand and Use

GEP CLICK follows our user-first software philosophy that focuses on intuitive designs and user experiences with visually-appealing features, easy-to-use interfaces and dashboards. Simply drag, drop and click to set up your own integration process that supports your needs and unique business processes.

Deliver Time and Cost Savings

Deliver Time and Cost Savings

The cloud-native platform ensures that your enterprise will not need to upscale or change its technology infrastructure. GEP CLICK moves heavy processing tasks to the cloud, reducing the load on your legacy IT systems. Enable your IT team to run lean and focus on more mission critical projects as integration is no longer their concern. GEP has it under control.

Design Your Own Digital Experience

Design Your Own Digital Experience

GEP CLICK empowers enterprises to explore, discover, test and consume all the APIs available in the GEP cloud ecosystem. Design your own custom mobile and web digital experience. Build, test, release and monitor apps across mobile and web platforms while also enjoying the freedom to develop your own enterprise business applications to support your teams.

Powered by Intelligence

Powered by Intelligence

Using GEP Minerva – our state-of-the-art proprietary artificial intelligence technology – you can empower your integrations with predictive insights and monitoring with third-party tools. Gain end-to-end visibility, allowing you to discover and unify all the necessary components for integrating on-premise or cloud applications with various GEP solutions.

A Unified Landscape

A Unified Landscape

Integrate multiple ERP solutions from one provider, such as SAP ERP, S/4HANA and MDG-S, on one cloud-native platform or use API-to-API integration with a middleware in a heterogeneous environment. No matter what your legacy landscape, GEP CLICK allows you to unify them all in one place.