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Meet GEP MINERVATM. Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy, GEP MINERVA is a matrix of cutting-edge AI technologies that powers all GEP’s software offerings. Native to GEP SMARTTM and GEP NEXXETM — GEP’s digital procurement and supply chain solutions — GEP MINERVA underpins our predictive analytics, cognitive capabilities and decision support tools.

GEP MINERVA was developed to augment manual capabilities and enhance performance of business users. It represents a huge boost in business agility and the capacity of the workforce to perform and deliver on desired outcomes. It’s not just a chip inside a machine.


GEP MINERVA offers a complete range of cutting-edge features to optimize and transform business operations. Take a deeper dive into some of its key features:

Data Cleansing and Normalization

Deduplicate, match, validate and enrich your records utilizing OCR and master data management to maximize the potential of your data.

Human-in-the-Loop Learning

Drive precise accuracy, efficiency and insight using ML algorithms and proactive feedback tools that continuously improve and learn over time.

Decision Support Tools

Leverage human-computer interaction to drive more effective and strategic decision-making by reducing reliance on memory and cutting down on time needed to search for data from external sources.

Conversational User Experiences

Exploit dialogue interaction models to drive more effective information retrieval and dramatically enhance the user experience.


Capitalize on root-word recognition and predictive text to efficiently find answers to your queries.

Search and Retrieval

Leverage dramatically improved search and information retrieval — and receive answers to queries with increased relevance and accuracy.

Discover the GEP MINERVA Difference

  • Heighten Visibility into Analytics
  • Boost Data Integrity
  • Transaction Management
  • Reduce Routine, Effort-Intensive, Manual Tasks
  • Reduce Risk and Compliance Issues
  • Leverage AI Capabilities Across Your Entire GEP Software Experience

Heighten Visibility into Analytics


Heighten Visibility into Analytics

Gain deep visibility into analytics and data models to drive more effective, strategic and objective decision-making.

Boost Data Integrity


Boost Data Integrity

GEP MINERVA's self-cleansing process will boost the accuracy and integrity of your data allowing for actionable, meaningful insights.

Transaction Management


Transaction Management

Accelerate efficiency of transaction management by eliminating the need for multiple validations to process invoices and prevent deduplication.

Reduce Routine, Effort-Intensive, Manual Tasks


Reduce Routine, Effort-Intensive, Manual Tasks

Minimize repetitive and mundane tasks within your transactional operations, freeing up time to focus on initiatives that drive strategy, growth and innovation.

Reduce Risk and Compliance Issues


Reduce Risk and Compliance Issues

Proactively manage risk and compliance topics before they become problems with GEP MINERVA’s powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning designed to alert and flag known issues.

Leverage AI Capabilities Across Your Entire GEP Software Experience


Leverage AI Capabilities Across Your Entire GEP Software Experience

GEP MINERVA is native to all the functions of GEP SMART and GEP NEXXE software including Spend Analysis, Sourcing, Savings Tracking, Demand Planning and Forecasting, Should-Cost Modeling, and Control Tower.