Maximize customer commitments with best-in-class supply planning Maximize

Closed-Loop Supply Chain Planning for Optimal Supply And Demand Matching

Let’s face it. Today’s supply chains are incredibly dynamic. Demand shifts quickly with your customers’ needs. To profitably deliver on these expectations, your SCM efforts need to be flexible and precise. Closed loop supply chain management software enhances your view of demand signals – and supply – to help you see many steps ahead. 

GEP NEXXE™ Supply Chain Planning offers a best-in-class, closed-loop solution. The software enables real-time, optimal matching of demand and supply across the entire supply chain, so you can make the most effective business decisions. 

Improve service levels and on-shelf availability. Provide reliable commitments to customers. GEP NEXXE (supply chain software) helps organizations run supply chains in an agile and cost-effective way. Perform demand-support analysis with built-in ‘what-if’ scenarios for large demand changes, supply shortages or varied capacities.


Ensure End-to-End, Real-Time Demand and Supply Matching

Supply Chain Digital Twin

Get the digital representation of an end-to-end supply chain model for extended supplier, contract manufacturer and distribution network. Account for all key constraints, decision points and operational policies that impact supply chain operations.

Closed-Loop Supply Chain Planning

With integrated demand planning and closed-loop supplier collaboration within the same platform, GEP NEXXE provides a true representation of market needs and supply constraints. Meet customer commitments with confidence.

Constrained / Semi-Constrained Planning

With constrained planning, increase planner efficiency and generate a feasible supply plan to meet the demand plan while accounting for material and capacity constraints. Semi-constrained plans highlight flexibility in the supply chain to help maximize demand satisfaction.

Demand Prioritization

Enforce business policies in a systematic way. Maximize revenue, demand satisfaction and customer satisfaction goals. Keep promises and forecasts intact. Prioritize based on product, customer and geographic parameters.

Rapid Scenario Planning

Utilize ‘what-if’ scenario planning to quickly create scenarios and analyze the plan across metrics, such as demand satisfaction, revenue or cost. Choose and promote any scenario for execution.

Procurement, Production and Distribution Plan

GEP NEXXE Supply Planning generates procurement plans that you can collaborate and execute with suppliers. Collaborate on production or distribution plans with contract manufacturers and others to replenish goods into the market to drive sales.

Why Choose GEP NEXXE Closed-Loop Supply Chain Planning Solution

  • Boost Revenue Boost_Revenue
  • Reduce Inventory Levels Reduce_Inventory_Levels
  • Reduce Expedite Costs Reduce_Expedite_Costs
  • Improve Productivity Improve_Productivity
  • Optimize Global Plans optimize global plans
  • Rapid What-If Scenarios Rapid_What-If_Scenarios
Boost Revenue


Boost Revenue

Generate 1-5% higher revenue through improved demand fulfilment and customer service levels. Rapidly realign supply plans to changing market conditions and prioritize demand based on business goals.

Reduce Inventory Levels


Reduce Inventory Levels

Reduce inventory by 20-30% with highly efficient capacity and materials planning and just-in-time inventory — after accounting for market demand, production constraints and safety stock targets.

Reduce Expedite Costs


Reduce Expedite Costs

Reduce expedite costs for shipments and manufacturing. Enable better utilization of available capacity throughout the supply chain with proactive planning to meet demand.

Improve Productivity


Improve Productivity

With constrained-based supply plan, generate feasible plan each time and improve planner efficiency through automation and exception management. As a planner, you can now focus time effectively on identifying the constraints in the supply chain and resolve those to achieve best possible demand fulfilment.

Optimize Global Plans

optimize global plans

Optimize Global Plans

Leverage the power of multi-enterprise digital supply chain model. Gain visibility into material and capacity constraints across suppliers and contract manufacturers — and create a plan that achieves optimal behavior and minimizes excess and obsolescence across the supply chain.

Rapid What-If Scenarios


Rapid What-If Scenarios

Respond to changing market conditions, plan for large demand or supply fluctuations, and stay ahead of the competition by securing business with rapid, alternative plans.