AI-Driven End-to-End Analytics to Power Supply Chains AI-Driven End-to-End Analytics to Power Supply Chains


Having data is crucial for organizations to make informed supply chain and procurement choices, but they face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in making any sense of it: data volume is vast, and they may rely on IT for access, lack visibility into internal and external data sources that reside in silos, or have the capability to meaningfully analyze it. This can make it difficult to derive insights from data — leading to slow decision-making and missed opportunities.

With AI at its core, GEP SPECTRUM XA™ is a low-code, self-service solution that enables organizations to improve and accelerate their end-to-end data analytics lifecycle. It connects, cleanses and analyzes internal and external data, provides robust and extensible analytics and AI capabilities, and publishes harmonized data and insights to business intelligence applications.

Driving Actionable Insight with AI-Powered Data Analytics

GEP SPECTRUM XA is centralized and unified, focusing on speed and ease to empower procurement and supply chain teams by providing powerful analytics and AI capabilities, and a user-friendly UI that accelerates and visualizes the workflow. The low-code/no-code capability reduces the need for extensive IT resources, while easy connectivity to other systems and databases simplifies data management. In addition, AI-aided data cleansing, preparation, and normalization further enhance data quality and usability, enabling you to keep pace with today’s dynamic business environment and build agile and resilient supply chains.