Spend Analysis Services and Solutions

GEP provides spend analysis services to leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, helping clients identify and realize hundreds of millions in savings every year.

Why do so many leading procurement organizations count on GEP for spend analysis services? Because penetrating, insightful, actionable analysis of spend drives successful sourcing plans. So it’s absolutely critical to get it right.

Fact is we keep score the same way you do: hard dollars and cents, hard pounds and pence, hard euros and – you get the idea – actual savings realized.

GEP combines unmatched expertise and experience with state-of-art tools and technology to provide comprehensive spend solutions to your team. And, unlike most firms, we go far beyond recommendations to help you achieve the results we’ve targeted.

There are latent saving opportunities in your global supply chain. GEP will help you find them, set targets and achieve them – that’s our promise to you.

Spend Analysis Services

Spend data not organized in one neat pile? GEP will cleanse, validate, enrich, classify and report spend data across multiple, disparate systems, generating accurate, actionable information, with item-level visibility across the enterprise.

Using artificial intelligence-based tools, built on proprietary algorithms and field-tested in hundreds of complex engagements, we can power through high volumes of data rapidly with sourcing- and industry-specific taxonomies, achieving classification accuracy of 95 per cent, while providing granular insight on spending trends and buying activities.

That's critical to your procurement team's success in streamlining their strategic sourcing plans, reducing maverick spend and realizing substantial cost savings.

GEP Spend Analysis Services

  • Category and commodity experts in local & region markets
  • Vast knowledge base of historical and current market prices
  • Aggregated spend by commodity, supplier & category from disparate
    sources, languages, currencies
  • Artificial Intelligence-based tools and algorithms, sourcing- and industry-specific taxonomies
  • Data classification accuracy of more than 95% (group, family, category and component levels)
  • Spend visibility at line item-level across categories and business
  • Product specification including quality, availability and service requirements
  • Comparison of attributes across suppliers and commodities
  • Enhanced vendor normalization and parent-child linkage
  • Data enrichment including D&B scores, diversity and
    sustainability information
  • Current contract costs, terms, and conditions
  • Comprehensive reports, multi-dimensional analysis
  • Understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership
  • Strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
  • Execution by experienced global sourcing teams
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