3 Steps to High-Impact Procurement Transformations (And How to Get Them Right)

As organizations increase their focus on cost optimization, procurement continues to be an important strategic function for bottom line improvement. However, even the best-run businesses can miss the mark in procurement processes and results. This is due to a lack of understanding — and implementation — of best practices in procurement.

A procurement transformation effort would look at all aspects of a company’s procurement landscape — across people, processes and technology — and set up procurement for high-impact results. But you can’t actually transform if you don’t know where you are exactly.

In this webinar, GEP’s senior directors of consulting, Abhinav Gupta and Daryl Watkins, will spotlight the most important elements for end-to-end transformation: Maturity assessment, roadmap development and implementation. The speakers will discuss the elements included in a deep-dive review of the current state — and walk you through how key gaps and areas for improvement are determined. A comprehensive opportunity assessment will help the transformation team develop a practical, granular roadmap that helps an organization become best in class over the medium to long term. 

On the Agenda:

  • A thorough review of current procurement maturity levels
  • Concrete details of a high-quality transformation roadmap
  • What to focus on — and what to avoid — for successful implementation

Webinar Topic:
3 Steps to High-Impact Procurement Transformations (And How to Get Them Right)

Daryl Watkins
Senior Director, Consulting

Abhinav Gupta
Senior Director, Consulting

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Time:  1 p.m. ET
Duration: 60 Minutes with Live Q&A