The Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2019

New business expectations, constantly fluctuating market conditions and a slew of unprecedented challenges have made procurement’s role an ever-evolving one. With changes coming thick and fast, there’s a need to periodically assess what really works — as well as what doesn’t — to maintain the highest level of performance.

Ask yourself; Is your procurement team still firing on all cylinders? Are your means of measuring performance up to date? Has the definition of a truly “best-in-class” supply management program changed?

Join Andrew Bartolini, chief research officer of Ardent Partners along with GEP’s Paul Blake, as they go over the key Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2019 — a timely, pragmatic discussion for savvy CPOs and procurement professionals looking to revise performance measurement and benchmarking to meet modern-day demands.


Key Discussion Points:

  • What defines a best-in-class supply management organization right now?
  • Which performance metrics are most critical to the success of your procurement team?
  • What are today’s market-leading procurement organizations paying close attention to?


Webinar Topic:
The Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2019

Andrew Bartolini
Founder & Chief Research Officer,
Ardent Partners

Paul Blake
Associate Director, 

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM ET (6:00 PM GMT)
Duration: 60 minutes with live Q&A

Webinar sponsored by GEP