2021 Outlook for Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders 2021 Outlook for Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Welcome to the “never normal,” where complexity and uncertainty are all but guaranteed.

How do you balance future growth and this year’s inevitable supply chain disruptions?

In 2021, you’ll need to revisit what’s essential and adapt. Dual source or nearshore? Shift to low-cost countries? Or try some other strategy?

Watch the replay of the live webcast, “2021 Outlook for Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders,” hosted by Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). John Piatek, chair of GEP’s Thought Leadership Council and a vice president of consulting, analyzed this year’s outlook for procurement in complex supply networks.

Find out where your focus should be. And learn all about the digital trends that will enhance your effectiveness.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Where to invest to remain resilient amid supply disruption
  • Why sustainability has hit the boardroom
  • How sourcing diversity is primed for adoption
  • Why digital automation and collaboration are critical

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain crucial insights about the trends most likely to affect your procurement this year.

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