2024 GEP Procurement & Supply Chain Tech Trends 2024 GEP Procurement & Supply Chain Tech Trends

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

As a procurement leader, you must keep up with the latest innovations and best practices to maintain a competitive edge. But how do you know which technologies are worth investing in and which are just hype?

GEP partnered with Procurement Leaders on a webcast — 2024 GEP Procurement & Supply Chain Tech Trends — to help you understand the most important technological trends in procurement, from generative AI and low-code development tools to data management and analytics applications. 

The webcast examined the tech trends to help you achieve your goals of cost optimization, productivity and risk mitigation. Panelists outlined the future of procurement with an emphasis on use cases and avoiding pitfalls.

In this webcast replay, hear GEP experts discuss: 

  • How generative AI can revolutionize your procurement processes and outcomes, and why you need to act now
  • How low-code development tools can empower your procurement teams to create customized solutions without relying on IT
  • How data management and analytics applications can enable you to gain insights, agility and efficiency from your data
  • How to succeed in an AI-first economy and stay ahead of the competition

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