2024 Spend Category Outlook 2024 Spend Category Outlook

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Geopolitical, economic and supply chain challenges will continue to impact the major spend categories in 2024, but help is here. In this GEP-sponsored SIG webcast — 2024 Spend Category Outlook – Key Trends & Opportunities — we outline ways to leverage the latest strategies and digital toolsets to overcome these hurdles more effectively.

GEP’s Senior Director Ryan Shadle walks through the types of risks procurement and supply chain pros and category managers can expect and their levels of impact. His insights about where the economy and growth are headed will help guide spend decisions this year.

Listen to this dynamic discussion on how pros can continue delivering value for their categories amid ongoing uncertainties.

Key Discussion Points

  • A look at top category spend drivers, including interest rates, energy and labor
  • An overview of some of the trends in key direct and indirect spend categories
  • GEP’s recommendations based on our network of experts in the field

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