A Digital Map to Efficient Category Management A Digital Map to Efficient Category Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

The complexity of day-to-day procurement problems and the sheer volume of data available require new strategies and technologies to drive efficient category management.

Procurement leaders are looking to digital technologies to alleviate everyday pain points — but what exactly should leaders do to make managing category spend more proactive and future-proof?

Join GEP experts Ankur Shah, senior manager, technology services organization, and Anand Ganguli, senior director of technology implementations, for A Digital Map to Efficient Category Management — The New Normal. Packed with insights, this presentation provides an essential road map to category management success in the new normal.

Key Discussion Points

  • Why better planning can reduce the total cost of ownership for spend categories
  • Day-to-day problems that category managers encounter — and how a robust platform helps resolve them
  • How automated negotiation and supplier recommendation tools can help streamline sourcing events

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