AI-Powered Category Management AI-Powered Category Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Eighty-seven percent of companies plan to implement generative AI tools in the next two years, according to a GEP-Foundry survey. 

But where to start, and which functions should you prioritize?  

Category management is an area that’s ripe for AI-powered transformation.  

In this webcast — AI-Powered Category Management: Practical Use Cases To Boost Savings and Value — GEP and Procurement Leaders showcase how AI-powered category management tools can help companies boost savings, create value, improve supplier relationships and mitigate risks.

Watch this session to get up to speed on the latest intelligent category management tools. Understand use cases where you can best leverage AI and other emerging technologies.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Why companies need AI-powered tools for category management 
  • AI use cases that deliver the most value for category managers and procurement leaders
  • Must-have capabilities of intelligent category management tools

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