Balancing Costs, Risks and Sustainability in your Supply Chain Balancing Costs, Risks and Sustainability in your Supply Chain

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Procurement and supply chain leaders face a daunting challenge: reducing supply chain emissions — up to 80% of a company's environmental impact — while still optimizing costs. How do they strike a balance that is so crucial to both the environment and the bottom line?

In a survey of 250 business leaders across North America and Europe, GEP and North Carolina State University asked about their plans to achieve these distinct, yet convergent goals, and the results are enlightening.

In this webcast, Dr. Robert Handfield, NCSU professor of supply chain management, and Jagadish Turimella, chief operating officer of GEP, share some key insights from the survey and explore how to move forward.

The discussion reveals:

  • Key findings from the State of Supply Chain Sustainability survey of North American and European business leaders
  • Top barriers to and investment drivers of ESG initiatives
  • A framework for balancing costs, risks and sustainability goals

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