Brexit and Beyond: Tips to Help Procurement Prepare Now Brexit and Beyond: Tips to Help Procurement Prepare Now

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

The Brexit negotiations are dragging and nerves are on edge at many global enterprises. In all this uncertainty, procurement can (and should) step up and prepare the business to manage the impact of Brexit — few other business functions are as well positioned to help the enterprise respond to this historic event.

But how can procurement look beyond the obvious — cross-border trade, supply chain, movement of goods — to address the more latent risks? 

In this webcast presented by CIPS and GEP, you'll get a thorough briefing on how to prepare for Brexit and delve deeper into the implications of its various scenarios — Chequers plan, backstop, Canada plus, hard or soft Brexit, etc.

Why Watch This Webcast: 

  • Understand how various companies are navigating the diverse Brexit scenarios to forecast impacts on their businesses
  • Learn about technology tools and techniques for assessing potential Brexit consequences across all your spend categories
  • Get advice on formulating a practical plan for conducting a Brexit risk assessment


Theme: Procurement