Building Best-In-Class Category Management Building Best-In-Class Category Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

The best-in-class procurement departments are always the ones that have a strategic category management (SCM) program in place. And expert practitioners of category management are the ones that stay attuned to the shifts — both dramatic and subtle — in the global business environment. There are always new trends and new intelligence coming to the fore. Technology advancements, in particular, are ensuring that SCM program design remains a dynamic, ongoing exercise rather than a static, one-time event.

In this webcast, Building a Best-In-Class Category Management Program: The Newest Trends, Tips and Technologies, GEP’s Biju Mohan discusses the latest developments influencing category management and how the top-tier procurement organizations are driving their category management implementation.

A must watch for today's dynamic and success-minded procurement professionals looking to adopt best-in-class practices.

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