Building Resilience in Supply Chain and Procurement - 2021 Building Resilience in Supply Chain and Procurement - 2021

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

The aftershocks of the pandemic and subsequent global economic uncertainty that shook up the world will continue throughout 2021.

The GEP Outlook 2021 report highlights recovery, but also risk.

As some of the most dynamic economic zones in the world, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions will have a critical role to play in this brave new normal.

Business leaders who can imbibe resilience at all levels in supply chain and procurement will be best poised to manage, mitigate, and ultimately thrive in the year and decade ahead. Here’s your chance to be one of those leaders.

A live replay of GEP’s exclusive online roadshow for APAC and Middle East business leaders, this webcast takes you through the critical leadership themes that will empower and enable you to navigate change and deal with disruption in 2021.

Discover the strategies, trends, and technologies that will help build resilience against uncertainty and ensure your enterprise can withstand the shocks of an uncertain future.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How can supply chain and procurement can bounce back?
  • An exclusive panel discussion with global thought leaders
  • Economic trends that will define 2021 in APAC and the Middle East
  • The technologies that will help enterprises in future disruptions

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