Collaborate Your Way to a Data-driven Supply Chain Collaborate Your Way to a Data-driven Supply Chain

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

According to Forbes, almost half (47%) of all supplier collaboration efforts fail. Why the low success rate? How can you become more in sync with your suppliers?

As enterprises adjust to a post-COVID world, there is an opportunity to enable a step-change in supply chain collaboration and orchestration.

On this webinar, GEP’s Hailin Xu will take a deep dive into how a lack of collaboration hampers revenue growth. This session will help you spot collaboration pain points and offer solutions.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Value and challenges in supplier collaboration
  • Pain points and common pitfalls in supplier collaboration
  • Explore the relationship between collaboration and visibility as you strive for better outcomes
  • Understand how supply chain software tools and managed services can help quickly align market, customer, internal and supplier activities
  • Recommendations on successful supplier collaboration

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