Collaboration 2.0 Collaboration 2.0

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

When the pandemic struck, companies had to throw out the rulebook for collaboration, find new ways to reestablish trust with suppliers and solve problems together. With the advent of Collaboration 2.0, enterprises are learning to focus on real-time, bidirectional data-sharing — and gaining visibility, agility and resilience in the process.

How do they take this new model for multienterprise collaboration forward? And how does supply chain technology support that objective? GEP’s Mike Jette and Bob Bowman of SupplyChainBrain discuss Collaboration 2.0 and why it may be the most crucial factor in building business resilience.

Key Discussion Points

  • How and why business collaboration is evolving
  • The two crucial aspects to enhancing collaboration and making it scalable
  • How companies and suppliers can shift mindsets to solve big-picture problems

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