Combating Inflation Combating

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Economists report that inflation signals remain mixed. There are indications that we’re on an upward swing, but recession clouds loom. This means that CPOs can’t let up on efforts to contain costs. What are the critical steps to take? 

This GEP-ProcureCon webcast — Combating Inflation: The Top 3 Tools You Need Right Now — provides a plan to manage the uncertainties that lie ahead. Experts discuss how technology can act as a facilitator, helping procurement teams harness value from data, respond faster and plan better — all of which go a long way toward managing costs.

You will discover three digital capabilities to equip your organizations.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Moving beyond Excel to harness data analytics to gain strategic insights
  • Beefing up category intelligence to track producer prices, freight indices, labor and operational costs;
  • Empowering inventory management and field services tools

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