Coronavirus and Beyond Coronavirus and Beyond

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, leaders at businesses large and small are scrambling to manage the impacts. Stakeholders are asking, with increasing urgency, “What do we do?”

What indeed? Leaders need to put aside their understandable fears of leaping into the abyss and get their plans together. Because it’s not just the coronavirus — it’s everything coming along with it. Disruption. Likely recession. Big hits to profits. Longer-term impacts on stability and competitiveness.

In this panel-style webcast, experts from GEP and Rutgers Business School discuss the real, helpful and protective actions leaders can take now to shore up their businesses against current upheavals.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Priority actions to take immediately to promote stability and continuity
  • Longer-term strategies for guiding the business through a down cycle
  • Specific focus on the supply chain — adapting to and alleviating disruption

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