Cost Efficiency vs. Resilience Cost Efficiency vs. Resilience

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Supply chain and procurement pros, facing strong headwinds of inflation, high interest rates and other economic trends, are tasked with keeping costs in line while managing risks in an increasingly uncertain environment.

Complicating the task, direct material sourcing faces many challenges such as volatility in prices and demand, supply disruptions, quality issues, compliance risks, and lack of visibility. These obstacles require the ability to forecast demand, understand costs and respond effectively to commodity fluctuations — what can you do to get there?

This GEP-SIG webcast — Cost Efficiency vs. Resilience: Striking the Right Balance in Direct Materials Sourcing — takes a deep dive into the most critical tools pros need to optimize costs and improve the bottom line.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Create global visibility to achieve both cost and risk goals
  • Integrate sourcing with engineering right from the product design stage
  • Streamline sourcing and cost breakdowns with templates and automation
  • Provide real-time market intelligence and analytics to identify savings opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Enable effective collaboration with cross-functional teams and suppliers to accelerate product innovation and speed to market

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