Direct Spend Management: New Approaches and Procurement Solutions Direct Spend Management: New Approaches and Procurement Solutions

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Procurement has come a long way — from a back-office, transactional function to a strategic partner powering a stronger, more successful business. But much of the dramatic change has come about within indirect procurement. Direct spend management is much more complex; its intricacies lead to persistent inefficiencies and missed opportunities to make the business more competitive and create real value.

In this webcast by GEP and Everest Group, our presenters explore the factors contributing to suboptimal direct spend management, and what could actually be done to address them. It's a starting point for enterprises to begin changing their approach to direct spend — ultimately realizing the untapped potential in direct procurement by leveraging external expertise and adopting the latest technology.

Why Watch This Webcast:

  • The intrinsic challenges of direct spend management (as distinguished from indirect)
  • Specific tactics to revamp direct spend management processes
  • The latest disruptive technologies in direct procurement
  • The key adoption drivers for direct materials outsourcing


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