Filling the Digital Transformation Skills Gap Filling the Digital Transformation Skills Gap

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Procurement departments occupy a unique place in enterprises, poised to provide business insight and foresight by leveraging their treasure trove of data and advanced analytics. But procurement also needs the talent to translate that data and analysis into tangible business results.

What skills will procurement talent of the future need? And what should companies do to acquire and develop the best talent for those roles?

Join GEP senior director Jonathan Kinghan for a panel discussion on the capabilities needed to power procurement through its ongoing digital transformation. Packed with insights, it’s a deep dive into a crucial, yet often underappreciated aspect of the procurement landscape.

Key Discussion Points

  • Procurement’s challenges in identifying, developing and retaining the talent to solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Leadership’s role in guiding the digital transformation journey and upskilling talent
  • The skills and mindset that future talent will need to make procurement a company’s center for both insight and foresight

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