From Procurement Vision to AI Implementation From Procurement Vision to AI Implementation

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

CPOs know they have to step up their AI game in the coming year, but how can they harness the power of this continuously evolving technology?

This Procurement Leaders-GEP webcast, From Procurement Vision to AI Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide, explored the transformative power of AI in procurement.

GEP's Lalith Nambirajan shared real-world case studies and best practices, guiding you to create a strategic digital road map aligned with your organization’s objectives, uncover data-driven insights, overcome common implementation challenges and measure success.

Discover how AI can reshape the future of procurement with a deep dive into how procurement leaders are using AI to improve decision-making and tackle routine tasks.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How AI has exploded, opening up a new world of applications that can leverage structured and unstructured data
  • What enterprises need to maximize AI’s potential, including data engineering, to ensure high-quality outcomes
  • What is the role of low-code platforms in empowering users to make the most of AI

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