Hackett Group on How to Make eProcurement Work for You Hackett Group on How to Make eProcurement Work for You

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

It’s no secret that many enterprise procurement organizations often struggle to realize the benefits of eProcurement. But what exactly should you expect from sourcing and procurement technology? And how can you and your team achieve the results you expect?

In a new GEP-sponsored webcast, The Value of eProcurement, Hackett Group details key value drivers for the success of eProcurement technology – right from choosing the appropriate tools to implementing them effectively. It’s a must watch for any procurement professional looking to leverage sourcing procurement technology for greater impact and better results.

Among other ideas, Hackett discusses:

  • Benefits and risks of eProcurement
  • Developing an eProcurement strategy
  • Choosing the right software and vendor
  • Pricing and deployment models
  • Building a business case for investment

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