How IT Can Drive Workplace Transformation by Working With Procurement How IT Can Drive Workplace Transformation by Working With Procurement

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Innovative organizations are beginning to digitize the procurement function. IT organizations, which are playing a central role in the creation of a digitally transformed working environment, can and should work with procurement to deliver the next evolution in the source-to-pay model. 

By linking together tools and processes designed to boost productivity and promote full-enterprise engagement, digitally transformed procurement can be at the heart of the new digital workplace.

In this webcast, experts from GEP and Forrester identify the steps IT organizations can take in supporting and even initiating digital procurement transformation. They also discuss about capabilities that procurement software should — and should not — offer in the workplace of tomorrow.

Why Watch This Webcast:

  • Learn about how a closer IT-procurement collaboration can benefit the two teams as well as the larger organization 
  • Find out how IT can catalyze procurement by advancing the digital tools that will create dramatic procurement innovation and transformation 
  • Get a briefing on the current state of the procurement software market and what the top selection criteria should be

Don’t miss this insightful discussion for success-oriented members of both the procurement and IT teams.

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