Inflation is a global concern that is expected to linger for the next few years. As a result, procurement and finance leaders must team up on the right strategies and tools to mitigate the impact of rising costs on their enterprises and customers.

To add to the pressure, procurement teams must reduce costs and hit sustainability targets, all against a background of rapidly escalating prices.

How can procurement chiefs rise to these challenges? Modern procurement processes demand cost/pricing intelligence and modeling tools as part of a data-driven platform.

Working alongside finance, procurement needs visibility into input and total value chain costs as well as short- and long-term positions.

GEP and SIG outline the platform capabilities that organizations need to alleviate inflationary pressures.

On the Agenda

  • Mitigating inflation’s impact with data-centric tools and strategies and an integrated source for cost and price data
  • Leveraging machine-learning-enhanced insights to better manage costs
  • Monitoring indicators related to macroeconomics, commodities and other costs

Theme: Strategy and Planning