Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are at the forefront of the minds of corporate leaders everywhere. However, while plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to become net-zero emitters may be in place, achieving them is easier said than done.

How can enterprises move from goals to real results? What can they do to operationalize and embed sustainability across the supply chain?

This GEP-BizClik webcast— How To Operationalize Supply Chain Sustainability To Achieve Net-Zero Emissions — outlines the steps to take now to gain insight on how to create an action plan for reporting on and reducing emissions.

Key Discussion Points

  • The current status of regulations and reporting standards
  • Both the holistic and Scope 3-specific approaches to new environmental standards
  • How to operationalize supply chain sustainability with the right tools, metrics

Theme: Sustainability