There’s an App for That: Procurement Gets Smarter There’s an App for That: Procurement Gets Smarter

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Expectations from business applications are changing. Today, enterprise users — who are also consumers in their own right — are looking for the same intuitive, intelligent interfaces of consumer apps in their business software.

As the design philosophy behind B2C and B2B apps becomes increasingly congruent, procurement can hugely benefit by using software that’s highly intuitive, intelligent and self-learning, thereby boosting user adoption and compliance.

In this webcast, Spend Matters’ chief research officer Pierre Mitchell and GEP’s senior manager, product marketing, Paul Blake  compare the UI and functionality of B2C apps to B2B procurement software, including how modern SaaS apps are using AI and other techniques to learn from user bases and make the system increasingly intelligent and relevant to users.

This all-important webcast will provide insights to prepare your procurement team for the app economy.