The New Tech Capabilities You Need To Balance Costs, Risks and Sustainability The

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

There’s no letting up on the challenges supply chain and procurement pros face, exacerbated by inflation, fears of recession and volatile macroeconomic conditions. Leaders must navigate their enterprises around these obstacles, boosting performance as well as sustaining and extending business operations, all while meeting customers’ needs.

How can enterprises balance cost pressures with mid- to long-term sustainability goals? How can intelligent technology help them respond faster, plan better, mitigate risk and ensure that their supply chain and procurement operations operate effectively given the rapidly changing market dynamics?

In this GEP webcast, GEP experts and guest speaker Jeffrey Rajamani, senior analyst with Forrester, explore how you can improve efficiency in your supply chain and procurement operations.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Rethink your cost take-out strategy for managing spend performance by shifting from reactionary and tactical to structured and strategic
  • Drive deeper sustainable business value and deliver better outcomes through visibility and supplier collaboration technology
  • Develop effective strategies like those implemented in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, and pharma companies to remain competitive and balance inflation, supply, suppliers and associated risk

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