Next Generation Technology in Supply Chain Next Generation Technology in Supply Chain

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Today’s world is increasingly complex, ambiguous and rife with disruptions. In that context, enterprises are looking to supply chain to ensure business resilience and support growth. Yet too often supply chains are operating with inadequate or obsolete systems.

To combat these challenges, supply chains must gain visibility into their data and collaborate with disparate partners to anticipate and resolve problems.

Join GEP director of product marketing Paul Blake, for a tour through the next generation of supply chain technology and how it provides businesses with the visibility, intelligence and collaboration capabilities to identify and respond to future risks and opportunities.

Key Discussion Points

  • A different, more agile approach to building the next generation of supply chain applications
  • Why procurement and supply chain are converging in information systems and at the human level
  • Prediction of how procurement and supply chain operations of the future will work, and where digital transformation is headed

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