One Function, One Platform One Function, One Platform

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A spend is a spend ― irrespective of whether it’s for direct or indirect procurement. Yet, modern technology tools ― driven by AI, RPA, NLP and other proven technologies ― that have made indirect procurement processes so much more efficient don’t find widespread adoption in direct procurement.

But why should this be the case?

A webcast by GEP and Supply Management Insider highlights the impacts that digital innovation and transformation could have on direct procurement. The experts from GEP also discuss the significant competitive advantages that could be realized if all procurement processes ― direct and indirect ― were empowered by the same best-in-class technology.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Technology strategies to unify the procurement function and multiply efficiencies
  • The benefits of boosting function-wide visibility and sharing analysis-driven insights
  • Factors necessitating a procurement-wide digital transformation

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