Studies show that a vast majority of enterprise procurement teams use multiple, stand-alone tools for different source-to-pay functions. This approach not only creates silos within the procurement team, but also hinders seamless flow of data, reduces spend visibility, and hampers overall performance.

The state-of-the-art in procurement software changes all of this by bringing together all source-to-pay functions, information and workflows in a single digital workspace. 

In this webcast, GEP’s technology experts will demonstrate how GEP SMART — the world’s first cloud-native, unified source-to-pay software platform — delivers a completely new level of usability, command and control for all the stakeholders in the enterprise.

Why Watch:

  • Learn about the advantages of having a single, unified source-to-pay platform
  • See how the end-to-end process works — from opportunity assessment to invoice reconciliation — in a single digital workplace 
  • Understand the benefits of a unified source-to-pay system from the perspective of different stakeholders — from the sourcing analyst to the supplier

Don't miss this timely and important discussion for all enterprising procurement pros.