Procurement Metrics That Matter in 2022 Procurement

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Like the workforce at large, procurement professionals have changed where they work. But the type of work they are doing has also evolved. On the modern-day CPO’s radar are risk management, ESG and the bottom line.

The webinar — Procurement Metrics That Matter In 2022 — highlights Ardent Partners’ latest research in partnership with GEP. We delve into the general competencies and capabilities of top procurement organizations today and the strategies and tactics to navigate uncertainties. We also unveil procurement’s latest best-in-class performance metrics.

Key Talking Points:

  • How to balance risk, ESG targets and resilience in an uncertain world
  • Why capturing data points around diversity spend is a must for today’s CPO
  • How to bridge the gap between the priorities of the CFO and CPO

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