Procurement Metrics That Matter in 2023 Procurement Metrics That Matter in 2023

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Significant — but not pervasive — uncertainty has captured the attention of CPOs as we navigate our way through 2023. That is one of the trends covered in a webinar — Procurement Metrics That Matter in 2023.

GEP partnered with Ardent Partners to present the findings from its latest research effort, which is part of its ongoing dialogue with CPOs and other procurement leaders.

During this exclusive webinar, Ardent Partners’ Founder and Chief Research Officer Andrew Bartolini discussed this exciting, new research. He was joined by Paul Blake, a GEP executive and procurement expert with decades of experience.

Another theme that emerged from the research: To thrive in this changeable environment, enterprises must measure revenues and profits. These numbers matter to employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers alike, and they represent the final “score” of a game played last quarter or last year.

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Key Discussion Points:

  • After nearly a decade, savings is back as the CPO’s top priority in 2023
  • The average procurement team manages 65% of total spend. Can and should that number be higher?
  • Strategies for leveraging metrics to improve agility and decision-making

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