The Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2024 The Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2024

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AI and risk management are high on the priority list for CPOs. Cost saving is back on the agenda for procurement leaders as well. What other metrics are on the radar for 2024?

Watch this GEP-Ardent Partners webcast to dive into the findings from new research — Ardent Partners’ Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2024 — a compilation of the industry’s top performance and operational benchmarks.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Discover why 61% of CPOs believe AI will transform procurement
  • Benchmark your procurement performance against industry leaders and discover best practices
  • Gain insights into how top CPOs are tackling inflation, driving efficiencies and mitigating supply risks

If you work in procurement, you and your team can't afford to miss this value-packed webcast.

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