Procurement Pulse '24 Procurement Pulse '24

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

CPOs and their teams faced a number of challenges in the past year and many of those issues are expected to spill over into 2024. How can procurement leaders prioritize their efforts in the coming year?

GEP collaborated with Ardent Partners for an engaging webinar — Procurement Pulse '24: Five Game-Changing Strategies for the Year Ahead — that detailed the critical issues confronting procurement to help it hit the ground running in the new year.

Smart strategies to combat these issues are imperative. For example, with interest rates at a 20-year high, procurement's strategies that affect cash have a much more meaningful impact than just a few years ago. Meanwhile, inflation may have slowed in some markets, but it is expected to reaccelerate next year. Supply risk, too, remains sky high. Watch this webcast to learn the key strategies to combat these and other top challenges.

Key Discussion Points

  • What the latest developments in generative AI and big data mean for procurement’s role
  • How procurement can ensure that sustainability efforts go beyond the C-suite
  • Why supplier collaboration is more critical than ever in the year ahead

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