Procurement Service Delivery Models Procurement Service Delivery Models

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Hackett GroupIt’s likely your company is asking for more value from procurement. And it’s equally likely that your team’s budget isn’t keeping pace with those demands. So how do you and your team succeed? An effective, high-performance service delivery model is critical.

In a new GEP-sponsored webcast on Procurement Service Delivery Models, Amy Fong of The Hackett Group explains how to choose the optimal procurement service delivery model for your enterprise procurement organization.

Amy also demonstrates how centers of excellence (CoEs) and global business services (GBS) are being deployed by the highest-performing global procurement organizations – to not only drive improved results, but also facilitate the evolution of procurement into a strategic business partner.

Among other ideas, Amy also discusses:

  • Key Elements of an Effective Service Delivery Model
  • Role of CoEs & GBS in Best-in-Class Procurement Organizations
  • Service Delivery & Trends in Procurement Outsourcing

Recommended viewing for all sourcing and procurement pros.

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