Making business decisions isn’t going to be easy this year amid sustained volatility of all varieties: economic, political, technological and environmental. With so many elements of the world economy in flux, procurement and supply chain leaders need some solid guidance to track the primary trends and apply them to their own particular strategic priorities.

That’s the goal for the presenters of this webcast from SIG and GEP — Procurement & Supply Chain Outlook: Business and Technology Trends to Watch in 2019. Our experts sort through the opinion and the hype, analyzing the latest economic and technological developments and translating them into concrete recommendations to prepare you for a successful year ahead.

Why Watch This Webcast:

  • Hear about the latest global business and macroeconomic trends and their implications for procurement and supply chain management
  • Learn about the newest disruptive technologies and their impact on operations
  • Get tips for navigating market volatility, managing risk and providing agile responses to unforeseen shocks