With all the buzz and chatter about new digital technologies and their promise of better productivity and performance, how can procurement professionals separate hype from reality? How can you determine which of the new developments — featuring AI, IoT, blockchain, and others — are the real deal in terms of delivering transformational impact and accelerated outcomes?

In this webcast, Spend Matters’ Jenny Draper and GEP’s Paul Blake discuss the different solutions and digital resources that have been, and will soon be, impacting the procurement function. The two experts also talk about trends that will be transforming the digital procurement and supply chain markets of tomorrow, helping you make better-informed decisions and investments for your digital future.

Key Discussions:

  • The most significant trends in procurement technology development
  • Practical applications of technology like blockchain in procurement
  • Emerging technologies that could help mitigate supply chain and CSR risks
  • How to budget in terms of suite, module and implementation