The 2019 Procurement Technology Forecast The 2019 Procurement Technology Forecast

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Procurement's digital journey has accelerated rapidly in the last few years. Cloud computing platforms, associated disruptive technologies and unified source-to-pay (S2P) applications have made digital transformation more capable, more accessible, and more cost-effective for procurement than ever before.

In 2019, the key trends in procurement technology correlate to the "Digital First" business models that are being adopted globally in companies of all sizes. Procurement has abundant opportunities to remake itself, and its value proposition, by adopting new technology-enabled capabilities, modernizing its functional strategies and digitizing end-to-end processes to drive innovation.

In this webcast presented by GEP and CIPS, GEP’s Paul Blake, associate director of product marketing, assesses the 2019 landscape of digital procurement technology and transformation, and provides an update on the new generation of digital solutions underpinning a wholly redefined procurement function.

Why Watch This Webcast:

  • Find out how cloud-based S2P platforms are enabling “agile” operations, deeper insights and greater collaboration
  • Learn about new digital procurement solutions such as guided workflows and conversational interfaces
  • Explore the potential for disruptive technologies to strengthen data science capabilities

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