Procurement’s Moment of Truth Is Now Procurement’s Moment of Truth Is Now

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Despite years of effort, procurement still struggles with external assumptions that its main function is sourcing — period. But sourcing is of course just one tool in a powerful procurement toolkit.

With COVID-19 upending so many aspects of business operations, there’s no better time for procurement to disrupt its own stereotype. Now is the time to refocus on higher-level goals, including supply risk mitigation, operational continuity and deeper supply chain transparency.

In this webcast from SIG and GEP, Mudit Kumar, vice president of consulting for GEP, outlines the steps procurement should take to become a strategic business partner and driver of transformational business value.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What enterprises need and expect from procurement in a post-COVID-19 economy
  • Strategic levers that will help redefine the function beyond sourcing and savings
  • How technology can help procurement deliver on strategic priorities

Watch now and learn how procurement can become the change agent and strategic advisor that global businesses so badly need in this uncertain climate.

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