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This is a video recording of a recent live event.

With the ongoing disruption of the COVID pandemic pressing across industries, the C-suite’s new focus on resilience presents an opportunity for procurement teams to shine. But first, how can they bridge the current gaps in interoperability and integration of processes, systems and data?

Learn more from GEP’s Ajay Tiwari, senior director of consulting, and Procurement Leaders executives on this webinar — Research Insights: How Leaders are Using Targeted Resilience Strategies to Prepare for 2022. They take a deep dive into exclusive research from PL’s procurement network. The session examines how procurement is building greater resilience and making strategic investments.

With more data and technology solutions that offer greater transparency across a broader range of risks, procurement can boost its profile.

Key Discussion Points

  • Benchmarks on how procurement teams are using systems and data to inform strategic decision-making
  • Insight into what best use of technology looks like and the steps to get there
  • Explanation of key risk management strategies being deployed by leading procurement teams

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