Resilient Together Resilient Together

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Procurement and sourcing leaders need robust supply chains. But in 2021, sourcing and category management are still being impacted by a lingering global pandemic and economic uncertainty.

COVID-19 forced us to think differently and confront many issues — such as cash flow, reshoring and nearshoring, and sustainability — all at once. The “never normal” has given rise to increased demand for specific goods and services, while also upending the demand for many others.

Working better together is the mantra for success in 2021. In this timely webinar, experts from GEP and SIG will detail the changes you must make to manage procurement and supply chain risk holistically and effectively with your suppliers, business partners and internal teams.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Embracing the right digital solutions to manage future-state models
  • The road ahead in sourcing and category management
  • Redefined, risk-adjusted category management
  • Where to invest (and how to partner) to remain resilient

Watch this important and insight-packed discussion of next-generation supply chain strategies and technologies.

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