In 2021, supply chain and procurement leaders were faced with supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and geopolitical barriers. If these challenges taught us anything, it’s that the rules of the game have changed in fundamental ways.

Facing this shift, supply chain and procurement leaders need to know how to navigate the changing landscape and rethink their approach to thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

Where to start? Watch the webcast of Rethinking the Rules: Supply Chain & Procurement in 2022, by GEP and Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). John Piatek, chair of GEP’s Thought Leadership Council and a vice president of consulting, provides insight from this year’s GEP Outlook for supply chain and procurement.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Where to focus attention in order to develop successful supply chain and procurement strategies
  • How inflation, the labor market and other business trends may impact operations
  • The most critical leadership themes that will come into play in 2022
  • The importance of sustainability and environmental, social and governance goals across the value chain

Theme: Technology