Strategic Supply Resilience Strategic Supply Resilience

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

While resilience and sustainability have become concerns for most CPOs and their teams, they should, in fact, be the top business imperatives for 2022. As lead times in certain industries spin wildly out of control, simply having supply has become a competitive advantage, let alone incorporating sustainable practices — and the CPO's role in this is critical.

GEP's director of product marketing, Paul Blake, and Ardent Partners’ founder and chief research officer, Andrew Bartolini, discuss the strategies and technologies that CPOs should be aware of to boost resilience and build in sustainability to ensure business continuity in 2022.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What are the roadblocks to becoming more resilient and sustainable?
  • How does sustainability translate into actionable projects?
  • What is the role of resilience in driving long-term sustainability?

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