Strategies and Challenges in Building AI-based Supply Chains Strategies

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

AI promises cost reductions, real-time insights and a host of other benefits. But integrating an AI system isn’t plug-and-play. 

GEP and Economist Impact collaborated on this latest webcast — Strategies and Challenges in Building AI-Based Supply Chains. Check out this energetic discussion of the challenges of implementing new AI platforms.

Paul Tepper, GEP’s VP of AI, joined a panel of experts from Dow and Walmart Canada to share successful use cases that demonstrate AI’s effectiveness. The experts also outlined the strategies they had used to harness AI in procurement and supply chain operations.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • What emerging trends in AI could further revolutionize procurement and supply chains? 
  • Where do you start when integrating AI systems into procurement and supply-chain processes?
  • What risks and pitfalls should you avoid, and how can you take those lessons forward? 

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