Success Strategy for Supplier Relationship Management Success Strategy for Supplier Relationship Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

In turbulent times, the typical procurement response is to take a short-term, blanket view of all suppliers — negotiating the best prices to improve the company’s working capital.

But this approach creates elevated supplier risk and puts strain on the buyer-supplier relationship. There’s a better way.

In this webcast, presented by GEP and Supply Management Insider, you will learn about a supplier management program that can help both sides weather the downturn and emerge in a favorable longer-term position. By targeting critical and strategic suppliers with a win-win cost base optimization strategy, procurement can position itself as a key part of the business response to a challenging economy.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The right tactics for strategic/critical suppliers and for operational/transactional suppliers
  • Risk assessment guidelines for both categories of suppliers
  • Making a smooth transition from a short-term, cost savings focus to a longer-term, cost advantage goal

Watch now and learn how to implement a significant structural change to supplier management that can shape the future success of your organization.

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