Global supply chain disruptions aren’t letting up. To add fuel to the fire, inflation is heating up in many parts of the world. Supply chain collaboration — with internal stakeholders and external partners — is essential to tackling these issues head-on. But how do you formulate a winning strategy?

In this Economist webinar — Supply Chain Collaboration as the Counterbalance to Inflation and Disruption — hear GEP’s Pramod Gupta outline the techniques and tools for shoring up any gaps in your supply chain collaboration approach. Where are the breaking points? What can be done to address them? Is your team collaborating efficiently?

Experts from Ericsson and Flex share insights into improving visibility, which goes hand-in-hand with collaboration. If you don’t have real-time access to the current supply chain status, you can’t collaborate effectively.

On the Agenda:

  • Assessing the current state of supplier collaboration
  • Overcoming roadblocks to working with suppliers and internal stakeholders
  • Leveraging visibility and collaboration for a competitive advantage
  • Optimizing your supply chain design/solution architecture

Theme: Operations