Supply Chain Disruption Supply Chain Disruption

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

2020 saw the biggest global disruption of the century. What started off with toilet paper stockouts quickly snowballed into a global supply chain crisis.

And while some impacts — and their business costs — were immediate and clear, enterprises had to deal with a lot more as events unfolded.

What’s the true cost of such supply chain disruptions on enterprises? How can they mitigate these risks and cope better in the future?

On this webcast, hosted by The Economist and GEP, a panel of leading global supply chain experts and thinkers share insights on how enterprises can organize for the new normal.

They also discuss immediate and long-term strategies to mitigate the impacts of future supply chain disruptions.

 Key discussion points:

  • How recent disruptions are compelling enterprises to rethink their supply chain strategies
  • How market-leading enterprises are improving visibility and control over their supply chains
  • Which new technologies are helping enterprises enhance agility and resilience

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